Emily & Martin - Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School - Blackburn

Despite being Bristol wedding photographers we get to travel all over, it's a huge perk of the job. At the beginning of the summer, we ventured to Blackburn to photograph Emily and Martins second wedding. They had married a few weeks earlier on a cruise with their immediate family, and from the pictures, Emily showed me it looked absolutely stunning.

Their second wedding which we were lucky enough to photograph was equally as gorgeous, just in a different way. Emily and Martins's reception was at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School (or QEGS as locals call it) and it is AMAZING there. It reminded me so much of Hogwarts I was expecting to bump into Hagrid or Dumbledore any moment.

The day was full of beautiful little personal touches, of which our favorites were the 'pimp your prosecco' cart, allowing guests to add strawberries, flavorings and other goodies to their glass of fizz. And the family friend who really added to the atmosphere by filling the rooms with music by playing the piano for hours. 

It was a wonderful day, and as we were leaving Martin and Emily were still bogeying away on the dance floor together, with all their family and friends.

Congratulations again Mr and Mrs and all the best for the future.