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Blog - Bristol Wedding Photographer also servicing Somerset, Bath & the South West.

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Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer? - A guide by a Bristol Wedding Photographer

Christopher Wright

Let's not beat around the bush, wedding photography is a saturated market. There are 50,000 registered wedding photographers in the UK, add in amateurs and that number swells up to hundreds of thousands. You are spoilt for choice, so how do you choose the wedding photographer that's right for you? 

It can be a minefield, but I always advise people to ask themselves the following THREE fundamental questions while choosing a photographer for their wedding:

ONE: Do you love (and I mean really really love) the style of their PICTURES? 

Every wedding photographer has a different style and that's awesome, variety is the spice of life after all. This means that there is something to suit everyone's taste.

Really trawl your prospective photographers' website and social media platforms looking at as many of their photos as you can. Most wedding photographers have the 'big WOW' photos on display, and for good reason, they're gorgeous, and most likely what you will be hanging on the wall and looking at for years to come. But a wedding day is a long and moves very fast. As a result, not every photo will be taken as the sun is setting, with a pre-setup lighting. Make sure to look at photos taken throughout the whole day, and see some complete wedding albums. 

TWO: Do you like their PERSONALITY?

For me personally, this is probably the most important question, which is strange considering that it doesn't have to do with actual photography.

At your wedding you will spend a lot of time with your photographer/s and this is why it is so so so so so sooooo important that you feel comfortable in their company. It's the most special day of your life and you really don't want to spend 12 hours of it with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

THREE: Is the PRICE within your budget?

Weddings are expensive and your wedding photography can be one of the larger ticket items. Prices can vary from hundred of pounds right up to thousands, it is important to not stretch yourself too thin.

I recommend prioritising what is most important to you on your wedding and try to cut costs on things lower down the list. Use these savings to stretch your budget a little further on the things that really matter to you. 


If the answer to anyone of these questions is not a resounding YES! then you still haven't found the right wedding photographer. Keep on looking. 

I hope that you have found this article useful, if you have any questions, or would like to talk to us about photographing your wedding please get in touch. 

Emily & Martin - Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School - Blackburn

Christopher Wright

Despite being Bristol wedding photographers we get to travel all over, it's a huge perk of the job. At the beginning of the summer, we ventured to Blackburn to photograph Emily and Martins second wedding. They had married a few weeks earlier on a cruise with their immediate family, and from the pictures, Emily showed me it looked absolutely stunning.

Their second wedding which we were lucky enough to photograph was equally as gorgeous, just in a different way. Emily and Martins's reception was at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School (or QEGS as locals call it) and it is AMAZING there. It reminded me so much of Hogwarts I was expecting to bump into Hagrid or Dumbledore any moment.

The day was full of beautiful little personal touches, of which our favorites were the 'pimp your prosecco' cart, allowing guests to add strawberries, flavorings and other goodies to their glass of fizz. And the family friend who really added to the atmosphere by filling the rooms with music by playing the piano for hours. 

It was a wonderful day, and as we were leaving Martin and Emily were still bogeying away on the dance floor together, with all their family and friends.

Congratulations again Mr and Mrs and all the best for the future. 

Lou and Dan and Bella's Engagement Shoot - Eastville Park - Bristol

Christopher Wright

Meet Dan, Louise and the absolutely adorable Bella. 

We love shooting weddings, that goes without saying. But it is always super special to do an engagement shoot first, especially when the couple are as awesome as Louise and Dan, especially especially when they bring a puppy! That's right a puppy! And not just any puppy, a bouncy, fluffy little ragamuffin called Bella.

Louise, Dan and Bella travelled all the way across from London to Bristol to meet us for their engagement shoot. We met in Eastville park, which is one of our favourite places in Bristol to walk our own dog Simba. With tall grass, city outlines, interesting bridges, flowing water, forest and much much more it's any wedding photographers dream. Or in this case Bella's dream. 

The weather was drizzly, but that didn't dampen our spirits, or how much fun we had. In fact we all got on so well that we ended up back at our place for tea, biscuits and to let SImba meet Bella.

We can't wait to see these guys again next year for their 'secret garden' themed wedding.