Great! Hopefully you have had a look through our portfolio and our way of working, checked us out on Facebook and read some reviews. Now you think you like our style, yay!

So next question: what do you actually get from us? Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. We want people to be themselves and feel relaxed so we are as chatty, jokey or discreet and unobtrusive as we need to be. Essentially we read the room! We let moments happen without trying to control them, no groom wants to see a photographer when he is watching the bride come down the aisle and trying not to cry in front of his mates now do they? there is always a lot going on at weddings and we make sure we are there capturing those memories without getting in the way and ruining them! that being said, we muck in; we can't count the number of dresses Jessica has been asked to help lace or the number of last-minute speeches Chris has helped write! We can help calm nerves or crack a joke when the bride starts ruining her mascara with her tears. We've seen it all so no need to be shy around us!

We like to start when you are getting ready and only leave once we are happy we have captured enough of the evening. We have also been known to do a few shots with the groom or be dragged onto the dance floor to bust some shapes by the bride. Being there the whole day allows you to feel comfortable with us and know you are getting all the photos you need without worrying about the time. However, if you only want us for part of the day we are more than happy to facilitate that too.


what We Offer.*

  • 1 or 2 Photographers

  • Pre-Wedding Consultation to help you plan your day and get to know us.

  • Private Online Gallery with free downloads.

  • All Day Coverage.

  • 600+ Individually Edited Photographs.

  • All Photos on a USB.

  • Photo Booth.

  • Selection of 7x5 Fine Art prints.

  • Handcrafted Fine Art Album (EXTRA).

*Depending on package.

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