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Bristol Wedding Photographer also servicing Somerset, Bath & the South West.


Bristol Wedding Photographer - Blog

Blog - Bristol Wedding Photographer also servicing Somerset, Bath & the South West.

Adam & Faye's Alternative Bristol Wedding.

Christopher Wright

All weddings are different. Some more than others. 

I had the pleasure of photographing Adam and Faye's wedding in central Bristol earlier this year. I think it is safe to say they didn't do it 'by the book'.

The Ceremony was on Bristol Harbourside.... at the Watershed.... in a cinema.... with Pixar shorts.... and popcorn. It was A-MAZ-ING.

While the wedding guests were enjoying some animated hilarity Adam and Faye slipped into the screen and took their reserved seats at the front. After two or three short films the lights came up and the Ceremony was underway. Several lovely readings, self-written vows and tears later Adam and Faye were Bristol's newest Mr and Ms. Before moving onto the drinks reception I got everyone to sit back down for a beautiful shot of the whole wedding party in their cinema seats.

There was a little bit of time between the Ceremony ending and the arrival of the evening guests so we took to the streets of Bristol to get some cool photos. Faye and Adam kept smiles on their faces as we braved the baltic winds on Bristol Harbourside, dodged cyclists at College Green and tackled cobbles, steps, traffic and alleyways to reach some awesome urban settings.   

The Lanes was an inspired choice for a wedding reception. Here Adam and Faye threw away (no pun intended....) the social norm of a first dance and replaced it with a 'first bowl' as husband and wife. The Lanes, which I hadn't previously considered as a wedding venue, was incredible. Both the adults and kids were very quick to get involved with the bowling, pool and karaoke.

One extra thing that I thought made this venue excellent for a wedding was the stage. Obviously, this is great for the entertainment, but for speeches it was sublime. With the spotlights, mic and quick-fire jokes and funny anecdotes, it was reminiscent of a comedy club. 

It's safe to say that this is the first wedding that I have shot like this, but I really hope it isn't the last. 

Adam. Faye. I wish you all the best for the future.

SAMMY MACADOOEE! (You had to be there.)

Wedding Ceremony - The Watershed Bristol

Wedding Reception - The Lanes

Jessie & Ben - Ash Barton Estate - Devon

Christopher Wright

This is the Wedding of Jessie and Ben. Jessie (from Somerset) and Ben (from Devon) met while at Camp America in Pennsylvania. Funnily enough, this is the exact Camp where Jessie's older brother met his girlfriend a few years previous, there must be something in the water. 

Since meeting, Jessie & Ben have spent lots of time travelling and had a little boy called Hamish together. The three of them are emigrating to Australia later this year, but before leaving they got hitched at The Ash Barton Estate. This place is a beautiful 13 bedroom manor house high above the North Devon countryside with views to the sea in the distance. It has a large communal games barn (which was turned into an amazing area for the reception, you honestly wouldn't have known it was a barn), an indoor heated swimming pool and 25 acres of grounds including extensive woods. 

What really caught our attention at this wedding was the sense of team-work and family. Everyone (and we mean everyone) really chipped in. 

Ben built a bar out of pallets and driftwood that he searched somerset and devon beaches looking for. He also built a huge wooden board to display pictures, an awesome table plan made out of chopped logs and well wooden centre pieces for each the tables. 

Jessie's uncle cooked all the food on the day of the wedding, he isn't a chef but you wouldn't of know it. From the sausage rolls after the ceremony through to the exquisite 3-course feast he and he and his wife prepared and served out of a temporary kitchen for the reception. Ohh and the epic pulled pork rolls for later in the evening. We we lucky enough to try all of this fantastic food, if it was a restaurant we would definitely be booking a table. 

Jessie's Gran-Nan made all the flowers, her stepdad, her Mum and her Dad were on the go all day ensuring every thing was running smoothy. An uncle played live music, Ben sourced a PA and made a playlist that saw everybody dancing into the early hours. Jessie's sister made the cake, her dad got a custom cake topper, the list goes on and on. Everyone really pitched in and it all contributed to an amazing atmosphere throughout the whole day. 

Without trying the whole wedding had an amazingly English feel, from the table settings, the decorations, the tweed suits with pocket watches and the understated yet beautiful wedding dress. 

We are Bristol based wedding photographers, but we travel all over the country and weddings like this are the reason we do.

Once again, congratulations Jessie & Ben and best of luck down under. 

Wedding Venue: Ash Barton Estate:

Becky & Lee - Bristol Wedding Photographer - Scarborough - Ravenhall

Christopher Wright

Ravenhall Hotel Wedding of Becky & Lee

Today we are going back and remembering Becky & Lee's wedding that we shot in the summer of 2016. This was one of our favourite weddings of the year, and looking at the pictures it isn't hard to see why. 

This rainbow themed wedding was spectacular from start to finish. The weather was incredible, the location was as picturesque as it gets, the people were as lovely as they come.

The wedding was rife with personal touches, but our favourite was the wedding cake made by Becky's best friend Amiee (delightfully dainty cakes). This cake was deceptive as at the front it looked like a beautiful white wedding cake, but on the back, each tier represented a different star wars character. Becky had done this as a surprise for Lee (so cute).

Another moment of note for us was the speeches, these were some of the funniest and most heartfelt words of any wedding that we have had the pleasure of attending. We laughed hard and even got a bit teary in parts, luckily we had cameras to hide behind. Special props to Becky's Dad who gave the best (and funniest) father of the bride speech we've heard at any wedding. 

Becky & Lee were both incredibly good fun to work with and absolutely besotted with each other. It was a pleasure being part of their special day.

Choosing favourites from this wedding was very very very hard, but here are a few that we really loved.

Happy New Year - Bristol Wedding Photographer

Christopher Wright

2016 has been AMAZING (world events aside) for us here at Wright Wedding Photography. We have been extraordinarily lucky and had the pleasure of working with so many amazing couples and their families all over the UK. It is very humbling how many personal moments that we get to witness and document. 

Jessica and I have had some fantastically relaxing time off over the festive period filled with family time, delicious food and thoughtful gifts. Ticking all the boxes for a successful Christmas and New Year. We are both now recharged and really excited for all our upcoming weddings this year. 

We hope that everyone else has enjoyed their celebrations as much as we have and are excited for what this new year will bring. 

Welcome to 2017. 

Christopher & Jessica.

Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer? - A guide by a Bristol Wedding Photographer

Christopher Wright

Let's not beat around the bush, wedding photography is a saturated market. There are 50,000 registered wedding photographers in the UK, add in amateurs and that number swells up to hundreds of thousands. You are spoilt for choice, so how do you choose the wedding photographer that's right for you? 

It can be a minefield, but I always advise people to ask themselves the following THREE fundamental questions while choosing a photographer for their wedding:

ONE: Do you love (and I mean really really love) the style of their PICTURES? 

Every wedding photographer has a different style and that's awesome, variety is the spice of life after all. This means that there is something to suit everyone's taste.

Really trawl your prospective photographers' website and social media platforms looking at as many of their photos as you can. Most wedding photographers have the 'big WOW' photos on display, and for good reason, they're gorgeous, and most likely what you will be hanging on the wall and looking at for years to come. But a wedding day is a long and moves very fast. As a result, not every photo will be taken as the sun is setting, with a pre-setup lighting. Make sure to look at photos taken throughout the whole day, and see some complete wedding albums. 

TWO: Do you like their PERSONALITY?

For me personally, this is probably the most important question, which is strange considering that it doesn't have to do with actual photography.

At your wedding you will spend a lot of time with your photographer/s and this is why it is so so so so so sooooo important that you feel comfortable in their company. It's the most special day of your life and you really don't want to spend 12 hours of it with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

THREE: Is the PRICE within your budget?

Weddings are expensive and your wedding photography can be one of the larger ticket items. Prices can vary from hundred of pounds right up to thousands, it is important to not stretch yourself too thin.

I recommend prioritising what is most important to you on your wedding and try to cut costs on things lower down the list. Use these savings to stretch your budget a little further on the things that really matter to you. 


If the answer to anyone of these questions is not a resounding YES! then you still haven't found the right wedding photographer. Keep on looking. 

I hope that you have found this article useful, if you have any questions, or would like to talk to us about photographing your wedding please get in touch.