Frequently Asked Questions. 

Where are you based?

We are based in Bristol but shoot weddings just about anywhere! We are seasoned travellers and regularly go all over so never think you are too far away.

I have an idea for a photo, can we try it?

Of course! We love it when a couple have some fun ideas. We recommend you have a look at sites like Pinterest for some ideas, this also helps you figure out what styles you like.


How do we view our photos?

After the wedding you will be sent a digital copy of your images. We will usually post a few of our favourites on our Facebook page the day after your wedding (if you wish us to) so you have something lovely to wake up to.


How Many photos will we get? 

This depends on the package you have chosen.  See packages



Yes, Yes, Yes. We backup throughout the day, and in the evening to both physical and cloud storage. The power of back up!


Are You Insured? 

Yes, we are fully insured with both public liability and public indemnity insurance.

What if your camera fails?

This has never happened,  however we always have spare cameras just in case. 



We guarantee eight weeks, but we aim to deliver photos within four. 


Can Friends and family view the photos?

Yes, you can share your digital copies with whomever you like. Family and friends can also order photo albums with us too.


Do we need to feed you at our wedding? 

No, however it's a long day and are very grateful if you do. 


What if you're ill on our Big day? 

This has never happened and we would both have to be hospitalised for that to happen so it is very unlikely! But if it did we would use our network of photographers to find a suitable replacement, or if you find your own we will of course offer a full refund.  





To book just get in touch and if you like what we offer we will send you a contract and you would pay a deposit of £400 (non refundable).


how big will our photos be? 

You can make large prints. If you aren't ordering the prints through us please make sure you are using a good quality printing service to get the most out of your photos.


How long wilL you be at our wedding for?

This depends on the package you have chosen. See packages. 


Can we print our photos ourselves? 

Absolutely, we issue a right to print document to all our clients and you can share them far and wide!


Do you do Albums and prints? 

Yes, we do albums, prints and canvases. ANd they are the best quality possible. See packages for more details.